Hi there!

I’m Max; I like to learn cool things, build companies, and travel the world.

I’ve been building, growing, and sometimes selling D2C brands, Shopify apps, and iOS apps for the past eight years.

Things I’m passionately curious about:

  • Health & Wellness – constantly experimenting with everything that can help optimize my physical and mental health for longevity and healthspansleep, diet, exercise, fasting, hot & cold exposure, supplements, gadgets, etc.
  • Exploring the world – I’ve lived in 30+ countries since 2014;
  • Learning – I believe it’s impossible to grow and live a better life without continuous learning. I’m obsessively experimenting with rapid learning techniques and aiming to learn a new skill every few months (Q1 2023 project – improving communication skills);
  • AI/ML – building Auri.AI, researching LLMs;
  • Space – currently researching celestial mining and on-orbit manufacturing;
  • Longevity Biotechhere’s a directory of all the best longevity biotech resources I have found so far;
  • Productivity – everything from GTD, journals, and strict schedules to apps and note-taking systems;
  • Photography – check out my gallery;
  • Philosophy – my current personal philosophy is a mix of Stoicism, Daoism, and Confucianism;
  • Physics – lately have been trying to understand the quantum field theory;
  • Tech & Startups – self-explanatory given all other interests on the list;
  • E-commerce & Marketing – something I’ve been doing since 2013;
  • Many other things.

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