The Curious Letter

If you’re here, then you’ve probably read some of my posts, enjoyed one of my recommendations, seen my photography, or got referred by a friend.

No matter how you found me, most likely, we are sharing the same interests, and that’s why I think you’ll enjoy “The Curious Letter.”
It’s a short occasional letter with a collection of fascinating finds from my life – books I’m reading, podcasts worth listening, interesting articles, useful videos, and more.

I read a decent amount of books, dozens of articles, listen to hours and hours of podcasts, but I’m trying to make this a super valuable use of your time, so I only include the best of the best in each letter.

“The Curious Letter” is also the best way to stay updated on my work. I write about entrepreneurship, traveling, personal development, and anything in between.

You can check out the sample newsletter issues here and here.

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