I just had a week of “no social media policy.”

No Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Twitter/Reddit/any messenger/etc. Any related app has been deleted from my iPhone, either.

And it was probably the most productive week in the past few months!

Instead of thinking of some article I’ve just read or deciding what picture I should post on Instagram, my mind could concentrate on what truly matters.

I’ve finally launched a few projects I’ve wanted to test for a while, read two great books, given just enough time to practice Spanish, journaled without any time constraints, and the list goes on and on.

But probably the most significant part of this “don’t disturb mode” was that every time I picked up my phone to check Instagram or to meaninglessly scroll my Facebook feed, I’d open the Anki app and practice Spanish vocabulary instead, simply because that phone checking habit was still in place, but those time-consuming apps weren’t.

As a result, today, when I’m finally “allowed” to get back and post some stuff, I don’t want to.

And it feels great.

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